$500 is the standard deposit amount to secure your place in line for a factory ordered camper. It is completely refundable. If you choose to opt out any time before production begins on your camper, your funds will be promptly refunded and you will simply be taken out of the queue. When it comes time for your camper to be built, we will again confirm the options with you and ask for a down payment commitment of 10% of the purchase price.

NOTE:  Temporarily, our shopping cart setup is not quite complete, so if you click one of the buttons below, a note will pop up. Click the OK button, and proceed with filling out the payment page, etc. It will pass your information on to us, as normal, except that it will not actually transfer funds yet. We will contact you later to finalize.  If you still have problems, or just need to ask a question, give us a call at 601-500-5525. Thanks!